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Order Now $399.95 – ESCORT MAX 3 Radar/ Laser Detector

Escort Radar
All-New ESCORT MAX 3 Radar/ Laser Detector! Advance to the Next Stage in Smart Driving with the MAX 3's premium range and advanced filtering.Order today for $399.95 and get Free Shipping! ...
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Escort Radar
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FREE Ground Shipping On Orders $99 
11 months ago 888 days left Verified

FREE Ground Shipping On Orders $99 

Escort Radar
FREE Ground shipping on orders $99 and up. Some restrictions apply - see for details. Buy direct from Escort Radar and SAVE!
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Escort Radar: Your Guide to the Leading Radar Detector

Escort Radar is a renowned manufacturer of radar detectors and related products designed to help drivers avoid speeding tickets and improve road safety. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to innovation, Escort Radar offers a range of high-performance radar detectors tailored to meet the needs of drivers worldwide.

Key Features and Benefits

Escort Radar detectors come packed with a multitude of features to provide drivers with the best possible protection and performance on the road. Some key features and benefits include:

  • 360° Protection: Escort Radar detectors use multiple antennas to provide full 360° detection, ensuring you're alerted to radar signals from all directions.
  • Advanced Sensing Technology: Equipped with state-of-the-art signal processing, Escort detectors offer accurate and fast signal detection, reducing false alerts and enhancing performance.
  • GPS Technology: Built-in GPS allows for precise location-based sensitivity adjustments, filtering out false alarms from non-threatening sources like automatic door openers.
  • Smartphone Connectivity: Many Escort Radar detectors can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, providing real-time updates, live alerts from other users, and access to the Escort Live community.
  • Long-Range Detection: Escort Radar detectors are known for their impressive detection range, giving you ample time to react to potential threats on the road.
  • Red Light and Speed Camera Detection: Some models include databases of red light cameras and speed traps to provide additional driving assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Are radar detectors legal?
Radar detector laws vary by country and state. In some places, radar detectors are completely legal, while in others, they may be restricted or prohibited. It's essential to know the laws in your area before using a radar detector.

2: Can radar detectors detect all types of speed enforcement devices?
Radar detectors primarily detect radar-based speed enforcement devices, such as traditional X-band, K-band, and Ka-band radar guns. However, they may not detect other technologies like LIDAR (laser-based) speed guns, which require specialized laser detectors.

3: Do radar detectors make you immune to speeding tickets?
Radar detectors are designed to alert drivers to the presence of speed enforcement devices, but they do not guarantee immunity to speeding tickets. It's essential to drive responsibly and follow speed limits, using the radar detector as an aid for awareness.

4: Can radar detectors eliminate all false alerts?
While advanced filtering technologies in Escort Radar detectors help reduce false alarms, they may not eliminate them entirely. Some sources, like adaptive cruise control systems and automatic door openers, can still trigger false alerts.

5: How do I update my Escort Radar detector's firmware and database?
Escort often releases firmware updates and database revisions to improve performance and add new features. Updates can usually be done by connecting the detector to your computer or smartphone and using the Escort Update Client or the Escort Live app.

6: What is Escort Live?
Escort Live is a smartphone app that complements certain Escort Radar detectors. It provides real-time alerts from other users, live traffic data, and access to crowd-sourced information on potential threats in your area.

7: Can I use my radar detector in other countries?
Radar detector laws differ worldwide, and some countries may have strict regulations or even outright bans on their use. Always check local laws and regulations before using your radar detector internationally.

Escort Radar continues to be a leading name in radar detector technology, offering a range of reliable and feature-packed products to assist drivers in avoiding speed traps and promoting safer driving practices. Remember to use radar detectors responsibly, obey traffic laws, and always prioritize safety on the road.

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