How to Get Autodoc Coupon Code

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Getting AutoDoc Coupons code is as easy as 1..2…3!

  1. Decide what coverage fits your needs and budget by clicking the vehicle parts Options.
  2. Click on the Start A Policy icon at the top and fill out the requested information
  3. Sit back a breath easy knowing you’re covered!

AUTODOCS is the newest full service automotive parts center

The staff at AUTO DOCS – is highly trained and undergoes constant updated training courses to keep up with today’s complex and high tech vehicles.

How to choose a quality parts

1. Do Your Homework
If you’re new in the area or dissatisfied with your current auto repair shop, ask friends or co-workers for recommendations. Then check with local groups such as Better Business Bureau (BBB).

2. Check Out The Shop
Start calling shops you’re considering to use. Are they friendly and helpful or does it sound like you are interrupting them? Set up a time to drive in and introduce yourself. Ask questions about the operation. Is it neat and clean? Are there certifications showing that they are trained to work on your vehicle? It’s your choice where and who you want to take care of your vehicle.
3. Put It In Writing
If you have a specific problem, make a list as detailed as possible including driving conditions, noises, smells, or lack of performance. You know your vehicle better than anyone else therefore you may recognize something that would not be apparent to someone else.

4. Stick With One Facility
Like a doctor or dentist, find someone you trust and let them take care of all your auto needs. This way all of your repair records are in one place with easy access. Most shops sublet repairs that can’t be done in-house and still warranty that repair like it was done by them.

5. Resolve Problems Immediately
Let’s face it, all of us are human and make mistakes. If you have a problem with your auto repair shop, resolve it immediately. An honest repair shop will bend over backwards to have a happy customer.



These days there seems to be a lack of customer service in many businesses. So, what is customer service? Simply put,

“Customer Service is a function of how well an organization is able to constantly and consistently exceed the needs of the customer.”

AUTO DOC’S, we will strive every day to earn your business and trust. To exceed your needs.



It’s going to be hot, so it’s time to think car care for hot weather. Make sure you have you your radiator checked and filled properly.


  1. There are two common types of refrigerant: R-12 and R-134.
  2. R-12 is the old freon which is being discontinued but for now it is still available. We recommend a retrofit to 134a , on most vehicles , however some vehicles do not work well with 134a and should stay with r-12 as long as it is available
  3. R-134 started in the mid 1990’s and works well in the newer vehicles.





Have you ever taken your car to an
auto repair shop , only to be told
you will have to take it to the dealer ?

Not at AUTO DOCS ! We have the most up to date diagnostic equipment available.
and A.S.E. CERTIFIED technicians , among the best trained in the industry.


We Know What A Hassle It Can Be When Your Car Is Out of Commission!

Nobody enjoys it when a normally reliable mode of transportation is suddenly no longer trustworthy. At Auto Doctors, Inc., we help restore the trust you once had in your vehicle. Our service is exquisite and our technicians can handle any problem that your vehicle might throw at them. We take pride in providing you with personalized, individual service and encourage you to ask questions about how to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The next time your vehicle goes bump, clutter or clang in the night–or morning–call Auto Doctors, Inc. We’ll get your car up and running in no time!

  • Import or domestic
  • Computer diagnosis
  • We supply all parts
  • Drive / transaxles
  • Cars, light duty trucks
  • Brake service
  • Electronic tune-ups
  • Clutches
  • T-Belts
  • KYB gas struts & shocks

Servicing Import & Domestic Cars

  • VW & other selected imports
  • GM cars & light duty trucks
  • Ford cars & light duty trucks
  • Toyota
  • Subaru
  • Honda
  • Hyundai

Appointments recommended.


Open weekdays from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
Lunch 12:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.


(303) 781-1323

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